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Gearing Scientific was formed in 1995 to specialise in certain areas of polymer and other materials analysis, based on 25 years experience of selling and supporting polymer analysis apparatus worldwide by it's managing director, John Gearing.

Having written a chapter on dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMA) for the Handbook of Polymer Testing 1999 - editor Roger Brown, this is one of the areas of specialisation now. The other 2 being in supplying narrow calibration polymers and co-polymers for research and the measurement of thermal conductivity. Based in Hertfordshire 70 kilometres North of London he travels all over Europe and the UK.

John Gearing is a member of SPE, SAMPE, the Institute of Physics, the composites processing association, the polymer consultants network and the Nottingham University Composites Club and Institute of Materials.

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Tel: (44) 1462 742007 or Email: gearingsci@yahoo.com

Address: 4 Springhead, Ashwell, Hertfordshire, SG7 5LL, England