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Thermal conductivity and specific heat testing
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Thermal Insulation Testing


New thermal conductivity apparatus from LaserComp Inc for testing materials from vacuum panels to stainless steel, and for foam samples and glass fibre mats upto 300mm thickness. From 10 mils liquid or a 50mm diameter solid polymer sample to 760mm square foam pieces.

Contract Testing


We offer rapid contract testing to ISO8301, BS874, DIN52612 and EN12667-2001 with a turn-around time of typically under 1 week at competitive prices. Maximum sample size 100mm thickness and minimum 50mm diameter by 2mm thick solid or 10 to 20mils low viscosity liquid.

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NPL (who use the Fox 630 and Tuber for pipe sections from LaserComp) have a helpful club for those interested in these techniques:

www.npl.co.uk/tpac or call 0208 943 6121 and fax 0208 943 6692.




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